Wholesale and Volume Discounts

Posted by TIE Officemates - DPG on Aug 2nd 2023

Manufacturer Direct Wholesale Pricing and Discounts TIE Officemates™ products can be purchased by resellers and corporate procurement offices at wholesale discounted volume prices with options to … read more

What Size do I Need?

Posted by TIE Officemates - DPG on Jun 3rd 2021

The most popular size job ticket holder is 9" x 12" which actually has an inside pocket dimension of around 9-3/4" x 12-1/2". This gives ample room for organizing and protecting letter size docu … read more

Common Paper Sizes

Posted by TIE Officemates - DPG on Jun 1st 2021

What are Common Sizes of Paper? For reference below are paper stock sizes most commonly used in the US and Canada.  For help choosing the best size holder for these see What Size … read more

Sewn vs Heat Seal

Posted by TIE Officemates - DPG on May 31st 2021

Sewn (Stitched) vs Heat Seal (Welded Edges)There are the two methods of assembling vinyl pockets for job tickets, repair orders, drawings, signs, warehouse tags, checklists, name tags, classroom as … read more

Color Coding Options

Posted by TIE Officemates - DPG on May 29th 2021

Color coding is an easy and effective way to organize and prioritize information. Examples include using colors to: Highlight rush jobs Differentiate between different clients or cust … read more

Open Short vs Open Long

Posted by TIE Officemates - DPG on May 26th 2021

Job Ticket Holders are made with openings either along the short side of the pocket (portrait view) or long side of the pocket (landscape view).An opening on the long side is bigger sometimes making i … read more

Job Ticket vs Shop Ticket Holders

Posted by TIE Officemates - DPG on May 25th 2021

What is the difference between Job Ticket and Shop Ticket Holders?Good question!There are a variety of descriptions used to describe plastic document holders ranging from envelopes, holders, sleeves … read more