Vinyl Document and Tag Holder Sleeves feature heat-welded edges to protect contents from spills and dirt. Clear vinyl covers protect from damage while keeping paperwork flat and organized. Variety of sizes and styles for use as job tickets, work orders, tags, warehouse shelf labeling and more.

Available with adhesive backing for self-stick applications. Bar code reader and dry marker erasable compatible.get to input text into the page.

Requests for Custom Sizes or options are welcome. Call, email or use the CUSTOM DESIGN form link. 
You can order color options, extra pockets, or add magnetic, adhesive or Velcro Brand fasteners for easy mounting.




Heavy Duty Clear Vinyl Plastic Document Holders to Organize and Protect Job Tickets, Shop Tickets, Repair Tickets, Literature Packets and more.
Options - Standard or Special Order
Standard Options Include Brass Eyelet Reinforced Hang Hole, Flaps, Press Lock Seals, Self-Stick Adhesive Backing and Color Coded Solid or Tinted Covers.
Special Purpose Materials
Cold Temperature Vinyl Material Available for Harsh Weather or Freezer Conditions.

About Our Products
Heavy duty quality and made in USA for over 35 years, TIE Officemates makes long-lasting vinyl holders for work orders, job tickets, repair tickets, class assignments, small tools, parts, posters, signs, printing plates and more.


The plastic materials and bonded thread used to sew our stitched holders are heavier gauge than most imported discount brands. Our 8 gauge covers are clear rigid PVC plastic that will keep your documents flat and protected compared to the thin and flimsy covers used by some competitors to reduce cost and quality. 


TIE Officemates' industrial sewing processes produce tighter thread counts along the edge seams that combined with strong bonded thread delivers an apparel quality appearance that also holds up in the most demanding environments.


With 16 standard edge trim colors to choose from, our customers use color coding strategies to visually organize and prioritize their workflow in manufacturing, offices, print shops, classrooms, medical facilities, hotels, retail stores and management consulting projects.

Visually organizing your paperwork using color coding can accelerate processing times by reducing hunting around to find job assignments, status reports and customer information. Color coding can visually assign work to specific departments and overcome language and other communication barriers by making it easy for people to identify the jobs needing their attention.


Our products are found in nearly every industry imaginable, from pet grooming salons to aerospace programs. You can trust our products to meet your needs. If you need custom sizes or features we can help too.


Call or email today for a sample to compare and see the difference!

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