Wide Selection of Heavy Duty Shop Ticket Holders

Optional Cardboard, Chipboard or Color Vinyl Backing
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Shop Ticket Holders  Repair Ticket Holders  Extra Large Holders


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Expandable High Capacity Two Pocket Flexible Color Backing


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Rigid Cardboard Backing Assorted Color Packs  Two Color Coded Options


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Job Ticket Holders Tag Holders  Custom Design Options


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Flap Closure Color Back Hanging Custom Products

Heavy duty quality made in USA for over 35 years provides long-lasting ticket holders for work orders, job tickets, repair tickets, class assignments, small tools, small parts, posters, signs and more.

The plastic vinyl materials and bonded thread used to make TIE Officemates holders are heavier gauge than imported discount brands. Standard 8 mil TIE Officemates covers are clear rigid PVC plastic that keeps documents flat and resists tearing at the seams. TIE Officemates' tighter thread counts along the seams combined with stronger bonded threads provides apparel quality appearance that holds up in the most demanding environments. TIE Officemates' color edge binding is available in 16 standard colors to help organize and prioritize document storage, workflow, job orders or school class assignments. TIE Officemates still uses more durable and stain resistant solid vinyl material for edge binding compared to weaker fabric material edges that collect dirt, stains and germs from handling.

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