Payment Policy

This Policy was last updated January 1, 2021


All orders are prepaid unless credit terms have been approved by DPG in advance of the order.

Unless credit terms have been approved, payment is required prior to shipment of your order.

We accept credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), bank debit cards, PayPal, online checks and mailed checks.

For established customers with approved credit terms, we can accept ACH payments. 

Credit Card Payment Dispute Fees

IMPORTANT: Please note that order payments to us may be listed on your credit transactions under our parent company name of Dakonte Product Group, DPG or other variation. 

Credit card companies may charge us $25 or more per dispute regardless if later dismissed by you as a mistake.

Before disputing a credit card purchase, please check carefully to make sure the transaction was not for one of our brand divisions TIE Office-Mates, Great Menu Covers or EASY Partitions.

We reserve the right to add charges we incur for incorrect disputes to your account and require payment prior to accepting and processing new orders. 


DPG will collect sales tax as required by the taxing agency with authority over the delivery address on your order. Sales tax will be due at time of payment unless you provide a valid sales tax exemption document or are a government entity exempt from paying sales tax. Sales tax exemption documents must be current and not expired, and the name of the entity on the DPG order and making the purchase must match the name on the Sales tax exemption document.

If sales tax is not collected by DPG on your order, and a taxing authority later determines the order should have been taxed, you are responsible for paying all amounts due.


All orders are prepaid unless credit terms have been established with DPG in advance of the order.

Online Orders

When you place an online order, we will automatically add shipping cost and sales tax if applicable. These charges will be shown at checkout prior to Payment being processed at the time of ordering.

Phone Orders

When you place a phone order, we will tell you the shipping cost and applicable sales tax included in your total order cost. Payment for a phone order might be processed immediately, but typically is processed on the day your order is shipped.

Email or Fax Orders

If you order via email or fax communications, you will be informed of shipping costs and sales tax prior to payment processing. Payment for a phone order might be processed immediately, but typically is processed on the day your order is shipped.

Purchase Orders

If you are an existing customer with established credit terms, payment is due per the credit terms extended. You also have the option to have shipping costs paid collect using your carrier account (or your customer’s account if we are drop shipping to them.) Shipping costs and applicable sales tax will be added to your order and included on your invoice.

Returned Payments

If your payment method is returned as unpayable due to insufficient funds or other reason, you are responsible for paying us for the original order plus any return fees and penalties we incurred. 

Other Details 

This Policy applies to individuals, businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, resellers and legal entities.

This Policy applies to items purchased online, in-store, mail order, by phone, email or fax from DAKONTE PRODUCT GROUP, INC or one of the company’s brand divisions or websites listed below.  Dakonte Product Group, Inc TIE Office-Mates Great Menu Covers EASY Partitions






This Policy also applies to items sold by DPG through third-party platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook or social media sites.  

Contact Us

For any questions or comments regarding this Policy, please let us know.


In this Policy, references to "DPG", "we", "we'll", "us", "our", "ours" and similar terms refer to DAKONTE PRODUCT GROUP, INC, its product brand divisions and online storefronts. In this Policy, references to "you", "you'll", "your", "yours", "customer", "customers" and similar first person terms refer to individuals, companies, government agencies, nonprofits or other entity purchasing items from DPG. 

Reserved Rights

DPG reserves the right to change this Policy with or without notifying you in advance. The Policy terms that will apply to your order will be those stated on this page as of the date of your order, unless superseded by specific terms mutually agreed to in writing prior to your purchase.

The Policy Terms are transferable to legal successors of either you or us, but are not transferrable to third-parties or designees.