Waterproof Slide Zipper Document Holder 9x12 (5/Pk)

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*Package Qty:
5 Per Pack
*Mounting Method:
Brass Grommets
Sliding Zipper Closure
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Product Size Information*

Max Insert Size Capacity Outside Dim Opening
9" x 12" 30 Sheets 9-1/2" x 13-1/2" Portrait

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Product Overview

Waterproof Document Holder with Sliding Zipper Closure

  • Metal Sliding Zipper Provides Easy Access to Documents
  • Four Corner Brass Grommets For Securely Mounting*
    Or can be used without mounting as portable pouch.
  • Heavy Duty Cold Temperature Rated Clear Vinyl Covers
  • Durable and Flexible
  • Waterproof Protects Against Rain and Spray Damage**
    **Not intended for submersion under water.
      Use Redline Press Lock Style If Risk of Full Submersion Underwater

* Grommet inside diameter is 3/8" suitable for mounting with wood screws or bolts. For marine use, consult with boat manufacturer or qualified marine service professional to ensure that mounting holes do not compromise hull integrity and holes are properly sealed to prevent water intrusion into fiberglass or wooden structural supports. Water intrusion into marine structure supports may cause damage up to and including catastrophic failure.  

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