PAD-ROO™ Padfolio Kangaroo Double Pocket Insert (5/Pk)

*Package Qty:
5 Per Pack
*Made In:
*# Pockets:
*Back Pocket:
8.5" x 11"
*Front Pocket:
5" x 11"
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Product Overview


PAD-ROO™ is a new padfolio pocket organizer system designed for pilots, first responders, field agents and others needing extra 'kangaroo' pockets in their existing padfolios.

PAD-ROO™ kangaroo pockets are ideal for holding aircraft fuel receipts, report code cheat sheets, key contacts, evidence receipts, field forms and other information still collected in hardcopy formats.

The backboard of a PAD-ROO™ kangaroo pocket simply slides into the same slot as the pad of paper in any standard size padfolio.

Available in a variety of colors and pocket sizes. Heavy duty stitched borders and clear PVC covers providing long-lasting service in a wide range of environments.

PAD-ROO™ Kangaroo pcoket inserts are a great way to add extra pocket space in existing padfolio holders. 

PAD-ROO™ Kangaroo pcoket inserts  can be positioned behind a lined writing paper pad, in front of the paper pad or replace the paper pad completely with extra see-thru pockets!

When used behind a writing pad, PAD-ROOis great for keeping important reference information handy when writing field reports, developing onsite cost-estimates for customers, or holding receipts.

When used in front of the pad, can store sales literature, business cards and other information for quick retreival.

Unlike the black sewn pockets that come with most padfolios, PAD-ROOkangaroo pockets have clear covers letting you see and find what you need quickly.

Made in USA with long-lasting materials.

Custom design requests welcome for different pocket configurations or other features. 

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