COVID Reusable Entry Door Sign Kit - includes Low, Med & High Community Spread Posters

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Product Overview

EASY SIGNAGE - Removable Entry Door Posters with Sign Holders

This package includes three posters with removable Velcro(TM) sign holders.

Updating entry door signage is fast and easy with this 3 poster kit covering all three CDC Community Spread Levels.
The CDC updates COVID Community Levels every Thursday based on the latest monitoring data.

Each sign features

  • Color printed sign
  • Velcro(TM) removable attachments on four corners
  • Easy to change or remove for cleaning glass doors
  • Reusable sign holder pocket fits standard 8.5x11 size paper
  • Clear front and back covers allow two-sided messaging

This 'Traffic Light' style poster available for all three of CDC's Community Spread Levels.

Can be Purchased individually

CDC Low COVID Level  CDC Medium Community Spread CDC high Community Spread

Updating entry door signage is fast and easy with these Velcro(TM) removable sign holders and posters!


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