Ceiling Tile Hook - Metal

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Product Overview

Sold in Packs of 4  - note, string or wire not included.

The 12" to 16" spacing of holes on Hanging Style EASY Partitions should present no issues on a properly installed drop ceiling rail grid.

Load Capacity: Recommend 10 lbs or less per hook
The load weight that drop ceiling tile rails will support depends on multiple factors including:

  • how many wires used to support railing grid
  • gauge of the rail material
  • weight of existing light fitures, HVAC vents and ceiling tiles already installed.

Verify with your ceiling manufacturer and/or installer before using these to hang heavier objects than EASY Partitions to avoid damaging the rail grid. For maximum strength, locate hangers close to wires supporting the rail to the ceiling above the rail grid. Using multiple hooks on a single section of rail for items heavier than 10 lbs not recommended.

 >> Caution << 
Installation of these hangers may require the use of a ladder or step stool. Follow all cautions provided by the ladder or step stool manufacturer to avoid falls and possible injury. Use of chairs or other makeshift methods to reach ceiling tiles is not recommended.

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